Working “VIRTUALLY” in Richmond Va

Virtual Offices can improve your lifestyle

Working ‘VIRTUALLY’ may be a lifestyle choice, a financial necessity, or a company mandate.  In any event, your business needs to grow and you still need to stay connected and well-informed.  

Entrepreneurs, small business owners, and corporate America are looking into a new way to operate their business and are moving some of their employees from a large office setting to a new and less expensive ‘at-home’ office. Improved technologies have made possible for the work that was once performed in the office now to be done at home.

Although to some Alternate Officing, Virtual Office and Corporate Identity plans are considered to be a ‘new trend’ and even called “ the way of the future”, these services are not new in fact, they have been around for a long time packaged in different ways and under different names. Usually available through upscale, well-located Executive Suites/Business Center facilities they provide the at-home office professional access to a well-appointed office, conference rooms, videoconferencing and the kind of technology and office support they do not have available at their home office.

The ‘at-home’ office works especially well with individuals working in certain fields.  Professionals in the sales field or individuals in professions requiring frequent traveling, welcome the opportunity to work a flexible schedule, when and how they want. The Virtual Office programs allows them to work “Virtually” anywhere without sacrificing their professional image.  It is important to note that not everybody is suited to work from the ‘at-home’ office environment. Structure and the need to establish a routine with regular working hours is imperative in order to balance an organized working environment within your home environment.

Although the jury is still out on the benefits of working from home, having a flexible schedule, being at home to greet the kids and working in a more casual atmosphere are only a few of the benefits for those migrating from the standard office setting to the at-home office and entrepreneurs and corporate alike have taken notice and welcomed this ‘new trend’.  However, maintaining a professional image and corporate identity represents a challenge. Equally important is to pay close attention to networking opportunities and remaining visible to other company employees and others in management positions.

For some, making the transition from an office environment to the at-home office, is a huge change that requires modifications to work habits, so the Corporate Identity Plans, Virtual Office Services or Alternate Officing can provide the right balance, the flexibility of working from home and the structure of working in the professional environment of a Business Center, paying for the time and services you really need at reasonable prices, without long-term commitments. The ‘Virtual Office’ plans support the at-home business persons need for a corporate identity while allowing the freedom to work “VIRTUALLY’ anywhere.

Virtual Office Space in Richmond near Innsbrook Corporate Center

Rent fully furnished Office Space, Meeting Rooms and Virtual Offices in a professionally staffed Serviced Office Business Center. BCI offers exceptional value and service for all your Work Space needs.

Angela Abbasi is Vice-President of Business Center International and the Virtual Office Center

BCI is a family owned and managed business center with 21 years experience in the executive suites industry. Contact us today to Book a Tour.



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