Spring Clean Your Business!

By Answering These Questions:


When talking about your company, what words do you use? 

~ Focus on your customers wants and needs. 

~ As you listen to yourself, do you hear, “I” or  “Us”? … Or, do you hear, “You” and “Your”? 

Remember: your business only has value as it benefits your customer.



Do you listen more to yourself, or to your clients?

~ Put yourself in their shoes and help them remove obstacles to success. 

~ Ask the  right questions, listen carefully, and you’ll discover everything you need to know to gain a customer for life!



Are your customers staying with you?

~ Finding new customers is great, but don’t forget that customer retention is also critically important.

~ Your customers give you their trust. Trust is the currency of great customer relationships.



Are you open to innovative methods of customer acquisition?

~ When was the last time you tried something new and unfamiliar to attract new customers? 

~ If you are not using social media, maybe now’s the time to jump in!


Try Spring Cleaning your business this way and your company will sparkle with more vigor & profitability and you’ll clearly see your bottom line grow more than ever!


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