Signs that You have become Overcommitted

As a business owner, chances are that you try to handle a hundred things at a time and you may not even realize the tons of projects you have said “yes” to until you are buried and see no way of escape. If you make too many commitments, you may wind up doing very serious damage to your business including:

  • Inability to meet deadlines;
  • Inability to deliver on your promises;
  • Negatively impact your professional reputation.virtual assistant

The good news is that when you hire a virtual assistant they can help you become organized and realistically commit to and understand the projects that you have on your plate.

However, prior to getting organized it is important to determine whether or not you have become overcommitted and if the services of a virtual assistant would truly benefit you and your business.

Your To-Do List is Extremely Overweight

If you have found that you have too many meetings squeezed into one time block or that your agenda for the day continues to grow because you are not able to finish anything, then you are very over-extended. One step to eliminate this is to create a “not to do” list of tasks that will only distract you from your core business needs. Another step is to hire a virtual assistant to help you get organized and get your to-do list to a manageable level.

You are Extremely Distracted

Are you continually asking others to repeat themselves because you are unable to focus on what is being said? If you have too many different things on your mind, then you will be completely unable to give all of your attention to just one task; this is a clear indication that your brain needs a break.

You Never Say No

While you do not want to turn away any potential new business, there are some instances when a big project will be beyond your capabilities. Prior to taking on new projects, talk with someone else, such as a virtual assistant, to ensure that you can handle the work that they need.

Keeping your schedule to a level that you can handle is essential for any business to succeed. Over extending yourself will only lead to high levels of stress and it will also negatively impact your business. If you need help with the process of consolidating your to-do list, contact a virtual assistant from Business Center International for help and advice.