Is Your Business Ready for The Year of the Snake?

Sunday’y of s 2s Chinese New Year is the Year of the Snake.

Asian culture views snake years as auspicious, so 2013 should be a excellent year for business fortunes.

In thinking of your small business or entrepreneurial venture, in 2013 — the year of the snake — it should be an wonderful year for:

Reinventing.   Snakes shed their skin.  Reinvent yourself, your products, your services or your organization. 2013 will be a great year for makeovers and do-overs.  Don’t get stuck in the past, thinking of old failures or disappointments. 2013 is a prime year for shedding old habits, old thoughts, old jobs!

Making and saving money.   The snake is cunning.  Thus, 2013 is favorable for small businesses in terms of income, offering opportunities to find not only creative ways to make money, but also ways to save smart.

Planning strategically.   Snakes are wily and intelligent, so 2013 is a particularly good year to review the plan for your business.  Think ahead, analyze your competition, understand your customers better, and develop a strong marketing plan. Plan, reflect and think strategically, and you should see good results by the end of the year.

Striking fast.   Snakes can be lightning quick.  If you’ve done your strategic planning, you can be prepared to act fast when good opportunities present themselves.

Being patient.   Snakes sleep in the sun, saving their resources until the right opportunity comes along.  In 2013 get ready to pounce, but wait for the prefect timing.

Business Center International wishes you

“Gung hay fat choy!”   {may prosperity be with you!}.