Helpful Apps for Laying Out Your Ideal Office Space

Studies have shown that only one in every four U.S. workers has the ideal working environment, while the rest simply struggle along to do their job in an effective manner. If you have an office space that is poorly designed, it can affect your entire business, including engagement, morale, employee productivity, innovation and collaboration all in a negative space

With innovative technology and the introduction of useful apps, there is no need for your workers to suffer in a space that was poorly designed. The fact is that when you use these tools you may be able to alter the entire layout of the space without having to hire an interior designer or an architect. Some tools that can help you accomplish these goals and create a more efficient and functional office space, are highlighted here.


While this app is lacking in features, it is affordable and simple, making it an ideal solution for almost any business. The basic version is able to be downloaded for free, with a full business version costing only $197. This app utilizes a collection of clip-art that features a drag and drop action that will let you easily configure your entire office space layout. The designs are able to be saved in a number of different formats and is the ideal option for your office redo.

Qube Space Management

This app allows you to input the various floor layouts, place the specific desk locations, and drag and drop various assets in order to relocate them in your office space design. It is a web-based app that is able to be used with almost any operating system. The price will be dependent on the integration with other third party products, features and the hosting options that you choose.

Office Space

This is an app that provides you with a very powerful visual tool that will allow you to reconfigure your entire office. It allows you to input your information regarding your space and move equipment and people through a drag and drop action. The software also allows you to create different views of the space, such as bird’s eye view, for unique perspectives. There is a monthly fee to us this app and the price is dependent on several different factors.