About Business Center International

BCI was founded in 1988 by Angela and Ali Abbasi. We are certified in the Commonwealth of Virginia as a Small, Women, & Minority-Owned Business. We are a family owned and operated office of business suites located in Innsbrook, Richmond’s most prestigious corporate business park.

Your office environment says a lot about you and your company. For many businesses an office may not necessarily be a requirement, but access to meeting space, conference rooms, and a variety of business support services will play an important role in conveying a successful professional image to both potential and existing cliental.

Our commitment to client success and our goal to exceed your expectations has made BCI the “Go-To” office business center. We welcome any size business seeking an exceptional working environment that integrates advanced information technology with in-house communications and comprehensive business support.

We take pride in partnering with our clients and we are proud of the role we have played in their success. Through the years some of our clients and their needs have changed, giving way to new trends. Our industry has evolved and so has the way we do business. In an internet driven environment, our Millennials are on the go, our technology-savvy clients are seeking technology-savvy solutions, and our home-based clients are doing business globally. Telecommuters need access to offices 24/7 and our meeting rooms and services are “On Demand” and booked through smart phones. A non-traditional, flexible workspace can be the perfect office choice for a community of like-minded professionals, while our more traditional private offices remain the best choice for high profile organizations.

Our Renters Consist of:
Financial Advisors
Fortune 1000 Companies
Government Agencies
International Organizations
IT Companies
Pharmaceutical Companies
Regional Offices
Start-Up Companies
Wealth Management

These are just a few of the businesses that are thriving here at BCI. We know that prospects rent offices based on our promises to fulfill their needs. Clients stay with us because we have met them!