Signs that You have become Overcommitted

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As a business owner, chances are that you try to handle a hundred things at a time and you may not even realize the tons of projects you have said “yes” to until you are buried and see no way of escape. If you make too many commitments, you may wind up doing very serious … [Read More]

Tips to Find Cheap Office Space in Richmond

If you have a startup business, that extra bedroom in the back of your house may be the ideal location to start off with. However, if you have any thoughts regarding growth, it is important to find cheap office space that will provide the professional image you need to find success in the super-competitive business … [Read More]

Helpful Apps for Laying Out Your Ideal Office Space

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Studies have shown that only one in every four U.S. workers has the ideal working environment, while the rest simply struggle along to do their job in an effective manner. If you have an office space that is poorly designed, it can affect your entire business, including engagement, morale, employee productivity, innovation and collaboration all … [Read More]

Benefits of Virtual Offices for Business Travelers

There is, without a doubt, a generation gap that is prevalent in the workplace among older workers and millennials, which is also easily seen on the rails, trains and especially planes. A recent survey has shown that the millennials that are hitting the road for their work are much more likely to complain and spend … [Read More]

Tips for Working Effectively in a Home Based Virtual Office Rental

It is very easy to get side tracked when you are working from home due to the high number of distractions that are waiting around every corner. Kids, television and household chores are just some of the most common distractions that can wreak havoc on your over productivity at your home based business. Avoiding these … [Read More]

How to Engage Your Cheap Office Space Employees

One of the best ways to keep your workforce happy and motivated is by keeping them engaged. If you do not keep them engaged, they will begin to feel neglected and start to seek other employment.  A happy employee will be far more productive, which in turn will help to grow your company and increase … [Read More]

How to Be a Great Co-Worker in Your Office Rental

Many people go to work day in and day out never thinking about the ones that they work with and how they are viewed by them. Being a great co-worker will help to you move up the corporate ladder much quicker, which is the goal of most in an office environment. By implementing a few … [Read More]

How to Make Your Employees Love Your Furnished Workspace

One of the best ways to make sure you have low employee turnover is by keeping your work force happy while they are in your office. If you get a good staff around you, doing whatever you can to keep them satisfied and happy with their current work situation is the best way to keep … [Read More]

Helpful Hints on Keeping an Orderly Small Office Space

One of the most important things to have for any small business is a good sense of organization. An organized office space will in turn be more productive you will be and the more success you will have. Most very successful businesses have a great sense of organization that is mandatory for all of their … [Read More]

Tricks to Help You Stay Productive in Your Office Space Rental

The grind of working in an office day after day can take a toll on even the hardest workers. Being able to stay focused and on track with your work may take some help along the way. There are many ways to keep you mind and your body sharp and focused during your time at … [Read More]